Could Technology Be Killing Families? Check This Out!

In the 70s, there were no mobile phones or big screen TV sets.  The internet, too, was yet to develop to reach the masses. In that sense, there was really nothing to keep people from talking to each other when together. Ask the “kids” of the days!

You see, back then, kids were just kids. Families spending quality time together was a very normal occurrence. Parents were attentive of their kids needs and talked to them all the time. Well, although there isn’t much of anything bad happening today, these kinds of family interactions have taking a toll. So what’s happening today? Could technology be having a negative impact on family life?

MediaPost conducted a study involving over 20 countries, and the results aren’t so pleasing. Turns out, people are so attached to devices that they merely get chances to spend time or talk to their family members or even friends. For example, what do you expect when people are Googling stuff and texting during family meals instead of talking to others?

Check this out and make your judgment. Is technology affecting kids? Feel free to drop us a comment and also SHARE this clip on Facebook!

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