Crowd Encourages Man With Autistic Disorder When He Fails To Sing The Anthem – WOW!

Not long ago, Disability Awareness Day was commemorated at Boston’s Fenway Park. It became the internets’ most seen by people with autism disabilities. A young fellow with autism was to sing the National Anthem. All was going as planned for him until 40 minutes before the Anthem, that he developed butterflies in the stomach and became nervous.

It was funny and the crowd laughed at first before encouraging him by joining in the singing of the National Anthem. The clip portrays clearly how America is a great Nation whereby people help one another.

Actually, it was Francis Scott Key, a Washington D.C. lawyer and an unskillful poet who wrote the national anthem when he drafted “Defense Of Fort McHenry,” which is currently known as “The Star Spangled Banner.”

With 35 years, back on the 14th of September, 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote the Anthem. Residing in Baltimore, he was a witness of the bombing of Fort McHenry by British marine ships which occurred in 1812 war. Rumor has it that he was a prisoner on board of the British ship, when they were bombing, but the truth is that he was onboard as a guest to the British representing the Unites States in the negotiation of prisoners.

He became motivated when both parties never agreed and by the following morning what was a beautiful fort was bombed by the British but the United States flag was still remained raised.

The whole nation loved the poem upon being published. The brother-in-law to Key commended that the poem be accustomed to the tune of Stafford Smith, and that’s how it became a National Anthem.

But it was until 1931, that it officially became a Nation Anthem, when the veteran’s congress request for the poem to be set as a national Anthem was signed by President Hoover to become a bill.

Upon being posted on YouTube, the clip has received thousands of views and very many numerous positive comments.

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“Brought tears to my eyes as I relish in our freedom in the United States.”- Theresa Borger

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