He Missed His Daughter For 25 Christmases, Then She Appears When He Opens The Gigantic Box

We must never take our loved ones for granted. Now that the festive season is approaching fast, we should also remember that not all have families to reunite with. Though sometimes we disagree with our family, we must always know we are lucky to have them.

If we have a reunion and all the family members fail to show up, then we feel the event or the holidays were not complete. I believe that how those with loved ones who work in the military feel when they can’t reunite with them during such occasions.

For 25 Christmases, Terra Casey did not get the chance of reuniting with her father. Though they could meet during the year, it was not easy to spend the holidays together since they lived on the country’s opposite sides.

Casey was 4-years-old when she last spent a holiday with his father. On this particular day, she wanted to give him a surprise and as a result came up with a plan.

So as to make him believe he was still in the city, she sent him her apartment’s picture. She then sneaked into a big box and wanted for him to open the gift in the presence of every family member. You can’t believe how the unsuspecting dad reacted.

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