He Tries To Act Tough On Him, But The Little Boy Isn’t Even Flinching. The Reason? Heart-touching!

So this mom has a little kid, a boy that’s been all but trouble. At one point, this mom has no choice but to take her son to a boot camp to help mend his broken ways. There’s something no one has realized yet!

Drill Sergeant Moses Raymond runs a boot camp to help the “tough” little guys to mend their ways and be better people. The boy’s mom decided to bring him to the Sergeant during a session on the Jenny Jones Show. People were about to get a shock.

Moses is used to acting tough on his subjects, but this little one couldn’t crack. When he talked to his face and tried to frighten him a little, the boy reacted in the most astonishing manner. Moses had asked him if he wanted him to be his dad for the next 8 years. The boy’s response? Unbelievable!

Turns out, the kid doesn’t have a dad, and he could surely use one. The sergeant had to lead him off the stage. This is great. So all along the kid was acting up just to find himself a father figure!

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