The Elevator’s Camera Captures Deputy Sherriff Doing Something On His Retirement Day. So Funny!

Tony Scherb was the deputy of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. After serving for 29 years, his time to retire came. As usual, he went to work on that day and officially handed over and signed out. He even went on to change the official clothes and put on the civil ones. When he was getting out, he decided to do his thing on the elevator. It was the hidden camera that was placed at the elevator which captured him dancing. When he was at the elevator, the Silento’s song titled “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” started playing. He could not contain himself but break into a dance. Upon being posted, this video went viral in a short time.

Things even got sweetest when other officers joined the elevator. One of them was Reed. She started to dance to the song which Scherb was already boogying to. But when the chief deputy entered the elevator, they had to stop dancing and pretend that nothing had been happening. He salutes him officially and when he gets out of the elevator, they continue to dance. But when another Sheriff enters the elevator, Scherb thinks that he is a mean one but to his surprise he starts to dance making the party go on as before.

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