This Dog Did Not Expect The 10 Chicks To Show Up, What She Did Left Me Beaming!

Bailey’s owner was away only to be welcomed by what he least expected to see. Someone had abandoned 10 chicks and Bailey had taken the responsibility of adopting them. Bailey is seen busy giving a motherly attention to each and every chick as if he’s the true mother. She truly has those motherly instincts that such situations call upon.

I have never understood the kind of connection this kind of dogs have with birds. I believe you have come across dogs who have acted as foster parents to helpless baby birds before. There also cases in which dogs and birds have developed some strong friendship. Here, you can see the kind of excitement that this is in once you look at his wagging tail.

How I wish I had a dog like Bailey! I’m sure I can’t my dog with chicks, I a span of seconds they will be history. What should I do?

As reported by, Bailey had the chance of staying the chicks for one week and thereafter a certain family from Tennessee adopted them.

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