This OB-GYN Mistake During Pelvic Exam Will Leave You In Stitches!

Chris and Rachel are expecting their sixth child. The couple had a prenatal appointment for an ultrasound.

Unknown to them, their experience at the doctor’s office would go viral, thanks to the confusion by the OB-GYN. Good news, though; the couple has a sense of humor.

Rachel had a healthy and normal ultrasound, but the gynecologist recommended a routine pelvic exam. Chris never left his wife’s side.

Rachel lay on the table, with her feet in the stirrups. She began screaming; something was amiss. She was burning, and that was not normal.

Well, the OBGYN was to blame. Instead of using a lubricating gel, he used something else.

After the procedure, the couple got into the car and turned on the camera. They recounted the events at the gynecologist’s office.

Rachel says that was the worst experience in her OB visits.

Want to know what the OBGYN used on Rachel? Watch the video and hear the couple’s experience. Rachel and Chris laughed so hard; we think they even pulled the car over.

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