Wait Until You See What’s Inside This Shell Gas Station Toilet. This Floored Me!

Whenever the word “toilet” is mentioned, we all know the kind of imagination that comes into our minds. It gets worse when the ones we are talking about are the public toilets. I’m one of those who try as much as possible to avoid them. I’d rather relieve myself elsewhere than a public toilet such as those that are found in most gas stations.

That has been my thinking until I came across this video. It features a toilet in a Shell Station within Bohol, Philippines. It’s quite different from what you could expect something in the public domain to have. I have to make a confession – this seems a little better than my room. You have to watch this to know why I say so!

I hope this has set the standard for all public toilets out there.  But let’s reason a bit… who makes the toilets out there to be in such a terrible condition? We too have to take some blame for not being careful while using them. Let’s join hands to ensure public toilets meet standards like those over here.

We deserve all this kind of treat! What do you think?

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